Yon-Ka ESSENTIAL WHITE – New Brightening Effect Facial.

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As an experienced Beauty Therapist and skin care professional I would recommend this treatment to anyone who wants to invest in an effective facial.  The Essential White is the latest addition to the Yon-Ka facial menu. If you’re not familiar with Yon-Ka now is the perfect time to start. Yon-Ka offers a wide range of skin care products which deliver.  The Essential White as the name implies, is a facial which targets dull, lifeless and pigmented skin.  The Essential White deals with all of these concerns effectively by using a range of products which nourish and promotes cell renewal. A peel is used in the facial which contains 30% glycolic and a blend of AHAs, recognised for their efficiency and which helps eliminate dead cells and stimulates cell renewal. The result is truly amazing. The Essential White skin care range comprises of a moisturiser, a serum and a pigment target cream. These products ensure long term results. I am thrilled to be offering this exceptional treatment. Clients who have had this facial are delighted. Skin is brighter, softer and more even toned, all of which gives a more youthful appearance, which is what we all want.



This article was written by Joanne